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Uninsured Auto Accident? 5 Ways To Minimize Financial Loss

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While most drivers carry at least the minimum insurance coverage required in their state, uninsured accidents do occur. Whether it's you that is uninsured or the other party, what can you do now? Here are a few routes you may be able to take in order to get compensation as a victim or to avoid unnecessary financial harm if you are at fault.

1. Check If the Car Is Insured  

Just because a driver doesn't carry their own insurance doesn't necessarily mean the accident is completely uninsured. A driver who borrowed the car of a friend or family member may find that the car's owner's insurance follows the vehicle as long as they had permission to drive it. Some policies include all members of an insured person's household, too, whether or not they are listed on the policy. 

2. Access Your Other Insurance

Were you injured? Then start by getting needed treatment and coverage for some expenses by accessing all your available insurance. This includes health insurance, workers compensation insurance if the accident may be job-related, and accident policies. While these may or may not help with additional expenses, they can get you back on your feet. while you figure out the rest.  

3. Pursue Anyone Else At Fault

If you were injured in an accident, the driver of the other vehicle may not be the only one at fault. Was the road not properly maintained? You may be able to sue the city or county responsible for its condition. Did some component of your or the other car fail, causing or contributing to the accident? The manufacturer could be liable. Did the accident happen on private property? Premises liability may put the owner at fault. 

4. File a Lawsuit 

If you can't recover compensation through an insurance company, you generally have the right to sue the at-fault party in court. This is a longer and more complex process for many, but it may be the only way to get what you need. 

5. Negotiate With Other Parties

Were you at fault for an uninsured accident? Then proactive negotiation could be the smartest move right now. If you can negotiate with any injured parties or owners of damaged vehicles, you may be able to mitigate the cost to you by avoiding a lengthy court case or insurance entanglements. 

Where to Start

No matter what the circumstances of your uninsured accident are, the best place to begin is to meet with an experienced auto accident lawyer in your state. They will work with you to identify all means of compensation and minimize the financial cost to you.

Consult an auto accident lawyer to learn more.