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4 Frequently Asked Questions About Drunk Driving

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Road safety is an issue that the legal systems take very seriously. The laws surrounding drunk driving and driving while intoxicated keep getting more challenging every year. The conviction rates are also extremely high in most states. Therefore, getting arrested and charged with a DUI should worry you, and you should hire a lawyer immediately after. You also need to understand DUI laws to help you navigate the situation successfully. Here are four frequently asked questions about DUI's.

What Is the Legal Blood Alcohol Level?

The authorities typically follow a given procedure when arresting you for a DUI. The process involves testing your level of impairment from alcohol or drugs if you were driving under the influence. They administer the test using the breathalyzer or the traditional blood draw. Most people dispute the number because they overestimate their tolerance to drugs; however, the systems rarely make errors, which is why you need a competent lawyer to argue your case. 

What Should You Do After a DUI Arrest?

DUI arrests can be confusing because often, you do not have the clarity of mind needed to make the right choices. You do not have to answer the questions asked by the officers, but you should provide your name, license, and registration. It is advisable to stop engaging the arresting officers to avoid incriminating yourself. Hire a lawyer and have them request a DMV (Division of Motor Vehicles) hearing. The hearing protects you from losing your license, which can significantly compromise your mobility. Once the lawyer settles the DMV facet of the case, they will formulate a defense that will get your charges dropped or give you a favorable outcome. 

What Should You Expect in the First 24 Hours of the DUI? 

It is crucial to have realistic expectations about the first twenty-four hours after the DUI arrest. The law will probably hold you in jail for two to twelve hours after the arrest. After posting bail, the court will release you and give you a court date. Having a lawyer helps speed up this process and get you released. It is easy to work on the case when free. 

Does a DUI Ruin Your Life?

There is a notion that getting a DUI is the easiest way to ruin your life. However, most cases are misdemeanors, and the right lawyer can help you avoid getting a permanent record. Felony DUIs will interfere with your job prospects, housing and credit.

Call a DUI attorney after your arrest. They will start formulating a defense plan that will give you the ideal case outcome.