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Reasons You Shouldn't Speak With The Insurance Company Right After An Auto Accident

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If you were just involved in a car accident in which you were injured, there is a good chance that the insurance company will start calling you shortly afterward, either once you get home or even while you are still in the hospital. While they may be persistent in speaking with you, there are a couple of reasons you should not talk to them right after an accident.

Recollection of Details May Be Fuzzy

Especially if you were injured in the accident, your body and mind may still be in a state of shock. Since everything seems to happen so quickly, you may still be fuzzy about the details within the first couple of days afterward. During this time, the insurance company may try to get a statement from you describing the details of the accident. However, you should not agree to this until you have had time to somewhat recover and think.

If you give any wrong details while giving this statement, the insurance company could use it against you. They could say that you intentionally gave them false information and later lied about it. If necessary, refuse to give the statement on the premise that you wish to speak with an attorney first, which is always a good idea after an auto accident.

Pressure to Accept a Lower Settlement

Another reason you should avoid speaking with the insurance company right after your accident is that they may try to take advantage of your situation and offer you a settlement. When your car is totaled, and you are facing treatment for injuries, they know that you are vulnerable and probably fearful for your financial future.

However, even if you do speak with the insurance company, do not accept any settlement they give you at that time. Not only will the amount be excessively low and will not cover a fraction of your expenses, but it also frees them from having to pay for any future expenses. You could be stuck with mountains of medical bills and lost wages, and the insurance company would be free from all liability.

In the hours or days after your accident, the insurance company may try to take advantage of your condition before you have a chance to seek legal advice. However, you should at least schedule a consultation with an auto accident attorney before you speak with the company so they can guide you in what to say or agree to speak with them for you.