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Thinking About Filing For Disability? How To Increase Your Odds Of Being Approved

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If you've found yourself in a situation where it's no longer possible for you to work and support yourself, there is help available. Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) is sponsored by the US government as a federal program which issues payments to people with certain disabilities that prevent them from holding down a job. Although the funding is there, not everyone who files a claim will be approved. It's estimated that a whopping 65 percent of the people who file for disability are denied the first time that they do so. If you want to avoid becoming part of that statistic, you need to know what to do. Following the instructions in the article below can be the key to getting approved when you file for SSDI.

Consult With A Social Security Disability Attorney

SSDI attorneys provide a bounty of incredible resources that can boost your chances of getting the green light on your disability claim. They work with clients all of the time, so they have enough experience to help keep you from making the kinds of critical mistakes that can have your filing placed in the denial category.

The smallest mistake could be enough to keep you from getting approved. When you're filling out the paperwork, you have to be extremely thorough and accurate. Missing a date, putting in the wrong contact information for a doctor's office, or even misspelling the names of witnesses could trigger the investigative process. Once you get to those stages, the denial is almost guaranteed.

Consulting with a Social Security lawyer before you submit your filing gives you the opportunity to have a seasoned specialist review your application packet. They possess a keen eye that can pick up some minor details which would have resulted in an unfavorable outcome.

Don't Let Social Media Ruin Your Case

You should also know that the SSDI office is always looking to ward off fraudsters. Social media makes it easier than ever to do this. If you have images of yourself on social media taking part in activities that shouldn't be possible given the extent of your injuries, it's very possible that they will be found. The pictures can put a swift end to your chances of ever being approved, so it's better that they not be out there.

An SSDI approval can lift your spirits and make your financial future shine brighter than ever before. Follow these tips and you should hopefully get the disability funds that you need.