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Don't Wreck Your Case: Reasons to Stay Off Social Media Following an Auto Accident

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After you are injured in an auto accident that you didn't cause, it is recommended that you cease posting on social media. This is because what you say can negatively affect your case, even if you think that what you are posting has nothing to do with the auto accident or injuries. Here are a few reasons why you should stay off of social media websites after being injured in a car accident, at least until your case is decided. 

The Insurance Company May Use Your Own Words to Mitigate Your Injuries

If you actively post on social media, you may be inclined to inform your friends and family of the auto accident. When you do so, people may ask you how you are feeling or if you were injured. Many people answer quickly and vaguely on social media websites. Instead of listing all of your injuries, you may simply say you are okay or that you are a little sore but you will be all right. Unfortunately, an insurance company can take this post and use it to show that you are not as seriously injured as you claimed to be when you went to the hospital or your treating physician following the accident.

Your Photographs May Be Used to Discredit Your Injuries

It is not uncommon for someone to use a non-recent photo as their Facebook profile picture. Maybe you rode a roller coaster with your husband a few years ago and want to post the picture on your anniversary, or maybe you love playing softball and want to post an old picture of your playing days. While your friends and family may realize that the picture isn't current and understand why the picture was posted, it is unlikely an insurance company is going to realize that. And unfortunately, when they see that old picture posted on a current date, they are going to make the assumption that it is new. Unfortunately, they can go as far as denying your claim because of it, leaving the burden of proof on you to show that the photo is old.

Another common issue with pictures that you post on social media is that they don't always convey or show the whole truth. You may be at physical therapy, stand next to a large weight, and brag to your friends that you just got done lifting it. The reality might be that you can't lift it because of your injuries, but you wanted to have some fun and impress friends on your page by over-exaggerating. An insurance company that sees this picture may use it as evidence that your injuries are not as severe as you claim.

The Insurance Company May Be Able to See Everything You Post

Unfortunately, staying off of social media can be hard, especially if you are in an accident. If you are unable to work, social media can provide you with an outlet for communicating with your friends and keeping everyone up to date on your life. However, the last reason that you should stay off of social media after being injured in a car accident is that insurance companies may be granted access to anything you post on these websites during the discovery phase of your lawsuit. Because of this, limiting who can see your posts and carefully watching your friends list isn't always enough. If you are posting frequently, an insurance company may make the argument that you aren't that injured if you sit on a computer and post the details of your life. The posts you make may also references activities that can undermine the seriousness of your injuries because they don't take into account that you were feeling great that one day, but lousy in the following days. Staying off of social media helps ensure there is nothing the insurance company is going to see that can jeopardize your claim.

There are many different things that can affect your auto accident claim. Some of these things are out of your control. However, one of the things that is within your control is your use of social media websites. Staying off of social media following an accident helps prevent an insurance company from attempting to discredit you with the information you post. Find an auto accident lawyer through a website like for more information.