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What To Do When A Tractor Trailer Accident Leaves You An Emotional Wreck

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If you experience emotional problems after a tractor trailer accident, contact a lawyer now. Although most people experience physical injuries during an accident, some people can develop emotional and mental trauma as well. If you can't sleep, eat or even drive after your accident because you fear trucks, buses and other large vehicles, a tractor trailer accident lawyer can help you obtain the compensation you need for counseling and other medical care. Here are things to know about your tractor trailer accident and how the attorney helps.

Will Your Lawyer Request Psychological Evaluations for You?

One of the things your tractor trailer accident lawyer may do is request psychological evaluations of your mental state and health. You must understand that even if you say you have emotional and mental problems as a result of your accident, the lawyer must have written proof from a psychiatrist, psychologist or some other mental health professional.

The proof may include psychological tests and assessments that look for signs and symptoms of depression, fear and claustrophobia that develop because of traumatic vehicular accidents. For example, if your tractor trailer accident occurred while you were inside a small or compact vehicle, you may develop claustrophobia when exposed to confined places, such as a small room or bathroom.

Mental health professionals may ask you about your childhood and years as a teen and adult to find out if anything occurred during those times to trigger emotional problems in your life. If the test results and questions indicate that you don't have anything in your past to cause mental health issues, the attorney can use this information to show that your truck accident is the reason for your mental and emotional decline. 

In addition, the attorney may want to know if you'll experience future problems with your mental and emotional health, such as post-traumatic stress disorder. Post-traumatic stress disorder is one mental health issue that can show up later in life. The disorder affects how well you get along with others, perform at work and many other situations that make you feel productive in life.

One thing you should understand is that depression, anxiety and other common mental health problems can mask post-traumatic stress disorder. Because of this, it's critical that your attorney obtain the proper compensation and medical benefits for future medical care and expenses.

Who Will the Attorney Sue for Your Emotional and Physical Damages?

Finding who's really at fault for your accident isn't easy. The truck driver who hit your vehicle is one of the culprits. However, your tractor trailer accident lawyer may go after the driver's employer for compensation as well. There's a reason for this.

Although many trucking companies maintenance their vehicles regularly for disrepair and other mechanical problems, some companies may not. If the driver who struck you that fateful day operated a truck that needed new parts or tires, the attorney needs to know about it. The trucker's employer may also owe you compensation for your mental, emotional and physical injuries.

One of the things your attorney may do is investigate the trucking company's background and ask:

  • Does the trucking company employ licensed and trained drivers?
  • Does the trucking company schedule weekly or monthly maintenance of its trucks?
  • Does the trucking company owe compensation to other victims?

If your truck accident lawyer finds that the trucking company is negligent in any of the above areas, they can pursue the company and the driver in court. 

If you have more questions or concerns about your truck accident or emotional injuries, contact an experienced attorney from a firm like Arrington Schelin & Munsey PC. Getting help now is essential for your case.